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Why Kawaii Kon 2019? (Contest Details Inside!)

I need your help. There is so much I want to explain to you and why your voluntary assistance is needed! Here is my story about my first ever KKon and why I must make sure I attend the 2019 year on April 5th-7th, but can not do it alone, as much as I would like to. 

(Please scroll down until the “My Ultimate Goal” before the bright yellow box if you just want the main details and not the leading-up-to story.)

I need your help.. but I can not do it alone.

On March 1st of 2018 I woke up at 4:30 am in Sacramento, California. The plane ticket cost me $300 cheaper than it would have been if I flew out of my hometown in Nevada, a 2.5 hour drive from the Sacramento airport. 
By flying direct, not only was my flight to Honolulu cheaper, but also much shorter. The flight was pretty boring, but the food was delectable. Why on earth would I even consider going to Honolulu for a con if Fanime was just a month away?

I’ll tell you why: I was in love.
As stupid as it may sound, a friend from my childhood lived on the island and I wanted them to be my future. So I brought forth an effort (by their permission) to go see them and spend five days with them.

However, my experience at Kawaii Kon was ten fold more than I EVER expected from anyone, romance aside.

It all began with introducing myself to the KKon Community on Facebook. I said, “Hello!” and told them about my excitement to see them all at KKon 2018. Within minutes, several people gave me advice on the best places to eat, nice hotels to stay and some wanted to go to gatherings with me and take pictures with me. I felt instantly welcomed and honestly, the friendships I have made at KKon are thought about everyday.

Although there’s a time difference, it has never gotten in the way with the fact that my KKon friends speak to me almost on a daily basis, asking for me to come visit them again this year. Not only that, but my biggest cosplay commission EVER will premier that Friday and I have a group cosplay planned with this lovely girl named Michi. A super kind and excitable cosplayer I became online friends with a few days after the Con. We are both beloved Snipers of Kojima’s Metal Gear.
I even ran into a popular artist all of my local community knows, Bordin! The super talented Artist Alley person from Cali! He’s super relaxed and appreciates his fans very appropriately.

I’d also love to see my #1 fan, Kile (he’s so sweet), my wife, Kori. My Military ego and humorous backbone, Dev (the whole inspiration and motivation behind this project). And my Twitch buddy, Gysen. And last, but not least of these people… there were a few people at KKon that I didn’t catch their name or wasn’t able to make them a priority because I was very nervous. But now, I know my surroundings and the entire aura of this beautiful convention center. I even have a childhood friend who just moved to Oahu that I wish to surprise if he does not find this post.

Despite distance and time zones, these people are some of my closest friends to this day.

So other than these reasons… Why is KKon so special to me?
Is it just the kind-hearted islanders?
Not all!
It’s about what I have been able to and hope to bring to KKon as a whole in the future. Since KKon is super laid-back, I can do whatever I want. What I mean by that is, I can host inspirational cosplay panels, host cosplay gatherings with a lovely photographer and do something I have never done at a big Convention…

I want to compete professionally.

I have never competed on a professional level of cosplay conventions. If I can get myself to Kawaii Kon THIS is what I want to provide for you AND me:

If I get to Kawaii Kon 2019 I promise to live stream my experience and even vlog it. Not everyone can fly to Hawaii for a Kon and experience it, but I have the time and priority. I just need help with the flight. I have a place to stay, food provided and my Kon pass is already bought.!

I want you to see and feel what I do about this place, but I know not all of us can be there.

All of my friends usually go to cons on the mainland.
But guys… Kawaii Kon is its own species.

This is what sets it apart:
-Lasting Gamer Friendships
-“The Islander Way”
-A SMALL competitive league. (I mean COME ON. A SUPER simple and funny Bob Ross Deadpool won 2018. Hardly anyone cosplays and I want to encourage locals to not be shy and to believe in themselves! I even know where a local fabric store is!)
-Your voice is just as important as the next person’s
-Tight-knit community
-Hearing others is easy. There’s hardly any shouting.
-The most BEAUTIFUL convention center you have EVER seen.
-A Final Fantasy CONCERT. It was a separate ticket but Nobuo Uematsu WAS THERE to witness it all! I had an opportunity to meet THE MASTER.
-The city surrounding has wonderful architecture. There’s a spot there where I want to take a picture as Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.

The building comes in four layers. The bottom was not visited by me, but I think it’s a garage. The main level is this really beautiful open-glassed area. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. It’s all GORGEOUS.
The next level up is where I want to take my Motoko photo. There’s a pretty middle garden area and in the back with snacks and it’s open so you can see Waikiki buildings. I felt like I was in an industrial area of Japan. I was awe-struck. I felt like I was in a game simulation. The buildings were dark looking and worn-down. I felt.. hypnotized almost. A photoshoot fantasy began.

The Hawaii Convention Center. (By Newsdesk)

The top level is what I am most obsessed with. Most of my time was spent at top with the cosplay gathering and meeting up with some of the most influential people of my 2018 year. (Pictured Above in My Quiet and Moxxi Cosplays)

Now, to get to the point.

My proposed lineup:
Friday: KDA Kai’Sa and Tuxeudo Mask Domino (HAHAHA)

Saturday: Ghost in the Shell Online- Motoko Kusanagi

Sunday: Fan’s Choice (I’ll make a poll in February)

Why do I need help getting to this Kon?:
I am in my Senior year of College. It is wearing me down and taking every penny from me. I am supporting myself (Trust me. I’ve tried everything to pay for it,) and have been job hunting for 6 months. I only have six classes left before I graduate!! I am SO CLOSE.

So in order TO graduate, I have been solely surviving off cosplay and design commissions just to EAT regularly. I would love to see my friends as much as they’d love to see me, but my friends at KKon have already done all they can for me and one suggested I sell my cosplay photos to make it over to KKon. Figured I’d give it a shot. I’m opening a door for myself. It’s up to you, the reader, to keep it open or to close it.

My Ultimate Goal…

If I can get 65 store purchases (that’s 20% of my social network) by March 1st, I will have enough money to fly to Kawaii Kon from my hometown.
I can’t go from Sacramento this year, so I have to pay the higher flight price.

How can you support me?
There’s a few ways. There’s cheaper ways and there are more expensive ways.
I’ll start with the cheaper to the more expensive.

-Share my Facebook or Instagram post I tagged you in. Spread the word.
Cost: 5 seconds of your time

-Comment on my blog and give your opinions/input.
Cost: 10 minutes of your time

-Watching me on Twitch once a week. Watch me.
Having conversation in chat with me and others.
Cost: 10-30 minutes of your time

-Subscribe to me with Twitch Prime.
Cost: Once a month you get a free subscription if you have an Amazon Prime account. If you already used your monthly sub or don’t have Amazon Prime, $4.99 a month is the cost for the first tier.

-Donating to me on Twitch
Cost: I think the minimum is $1? Easy.
Even I, a broke squirrel, am willing to give that to a friend.

-Buy my services in the website’s store.
Cost: $8 or more pending on your choice of photos, shirts, photography sessions or me teaching you and/or friends creative lessons.

What do I get out of ALL THIS?
This depends on your efforts. There’s a lot I can do for you in return. I’m a pretty giving person.

-If you are my top sharer, commenter or supporter (I’ll make 3 categories), I will give you a Cactus Squirrel T-shirt for FREE… Or an Alien or Cactus plushie. Your choice. BRING ON THE COMPETITION!

-Every Twitch Subscriber gets $10 off the store until April. This can mean a FREE 4×6 photo if you end up not purchasing any other image!

-I will stream Kawaii Kon so you can experience it with me!

-I will create a VLOG of the Kon and interview cosplayers.
Do you have any questions you want to ask anyone? I know I do!!!

-If you gift 5 subs on Twitch I will sing you a song you love on stream and I will CLIP IT and post it to Youtube to last until the end of the internet.

These next 4 include Twitch Subs:
If you buy more than…

$25 worth– If you’re a cosplayer, I can create a post about you in my blog and take photos of you to sell on your own (Local Nevadans only unless you’re at KKon and I see you there)!
If you can’t get photos taken with me, I will still PROMOTE you~

-$35 worth I will draw something for you, make you emotes or a personal design.

$50 worth in the shop (Top tiers section included), I will buy you a souvenir off the island. Whether it be Hawaiian Cookies or my favorite soaps from Kula Herbs! Handcrafted on Maui.

-$100 worth (top tiers included) you will receive a 75% discounted course on Game Design, Photoshop, Illustrator or a crash course on how to Twitch Stream in person (Local Nevadan or KKon Only).
You will also have an opportunity to hang out with me for three hours uninterrupted.
I will not be allowed to touch my phone unless we are taking a selfie. We can play games, go out to eat or even draw/color! Or I can help you with your own brand.

What if the fund for KKon doesn’t make it,
but we spend our money?

Honestly, I am willing to spend money on you guys for supporting me. If the money for KKon doesn’t make it, there’s a lot of other things we can do. This includes, but not limited to:

-Improving my Stream/Youtube
-Photography Equipment
-Going to Fanime or Sac Anime
-Donating a percentage of the cost to various charities
-The money going toward finishing my education
-A fan-chosen cosplay on a budget
-Making someone else (a beginner) a cosplay off the earned money.

Thank you so much of your time for getting this far into the KKon list. I really hope I can go with your support and I am determined to showcase my Motoko to the judges. I’ve worked very hard on it for years! Let’s go 2019. Onto this wild ride.
Now what are you waiting for? Visit my Store and my Twitch!!!

My Twitch:

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  1. Gysen February 6, 2019 at 6:59 PM - Reply

    Aloha I’m Gysen, or in Brit’s case Geysen. I’m a part time twitch streamer of various games and I’m from Hawai’i. I’ve been going to KKon for about a decade now I believe, staffing for the pass 6 years there and it is as gorgeous as Brit stated. Everyone is chill and relaxed here, so no one is judging you. Hope to see you all there and aloha!

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